Collaborative Interventions
A Partnership for Meaningful Change

Types of services provided with an ABA agency

Applied Behavior Analysis ABA therapy in Bethel Ct, servicing Fairfield county. We specialize in children with autism and provide in home care ABA as well as school consultations. 



Collaborative Interventions utilizes a variety of assessments to develop treatment goals. Assessments can be combined or used alone. The specific assessment are selected based on the individual child. A few commonly used assessments include:

  • Intake Assessment, completed by the parent or guardian which includes a developmental history, current concerns and past interventions
  • FBA (Functional Behavior Assessment) which is used to identify the function of behaviors and develop a BIP (Behavior Intervention Plan)
  • VB-MAPP (Verbal Behavior Milestones assessment and Placement Program)
  • PEAK (Promoting the Emergence of Advanced Knowledge)
  • Vineland Adaptive Behavior Skills
  • ABLLS (The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills)
  • AFLS (The Assessment of Functional Living Skills)

In Home Support 


The team at Collaborative Interventions will come to your home to provide in home support to your child. Some common goals addressed include:

  • Self Help (independence in dressing, brushing teeth, making simple snacks)
  • Toilet Training
  • Sleep Training
  • Leisure Skills (learning how to play both independently and with parents / siblings)
  • Play date facilitation (teaching your child how to play with their peers successfully)
  • Communication
  • Executive Functioning
  • Problem Solving
  • Tolerating frustrations without exhibiting problem behaviors
  • Participating in community events successfully

Parent/ Caregiver Training

Parent and caregiver training is the foundation of success at Collaborative Interventions. We disseminate the principles of ABA to parents and caregivers so that you can be an active participant in teaching your child new skills, managing any behaviors as they arise and make collaborative decisions regarding the goals and objectives of each treatment plan. The partnership between parent and professional is our passion!

Parent School Support

Collaborative Interventions provides consultative services to public and private school districts in the Fairfield County area. This includes:

  • FBA/BIP development
  • IEP goal development and consultation
  • Classroom management training / Professional Development for Teachers

 Additionally, our therapists will work directly with students in an academic setting to support prosocial communication to ensure our clients establish and maintain friendships, engage in positive learning behaviors in the classroom and increase independence in the school setting.